Pen Park Hole
Southmead, Bristol
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The text on the site is based in large part on the account of the cave written by Graham Mullan and published shortly after the cave was reopened in 1993: Pen Park Hole, Bristol: A reassessment. Proceedings of the University of Bristol Spelaeological Society. 19.3. pp.291-311.

The rather strange poem that describes Captain Sturmy's descent and meeting with the Goblin of the Cave can be found on this page.

Further Reading

Information about this and many other local caves can be found on the excellent resource provided by the Mendip Cave Registry and Archive. This includes more photographs and a comprehensive bibliography.

More Pictures

A set of excellent photographs taken by Steve Sharp in the Main Chamber can be found on this site.

The Mendip Cave Registry and Archive has a set of historic photographs taken in the cave during the 1960s.

Further Viewing

The cave has now made a number of appearances on UK television.

In 2003, the cave featured in the television series Secret Underground Bristol produced by RedWeather Productions of Bristol. They have kindly made their footage available for us to show here. Copyright © remains theirs, of course.

In 2017, the cave featured On the BBC's Inside Out West series. This can also be viewed here Copyright © remains with the BBC.


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